Sunday, February 25, 2007

jumped over

I'm jumping over to wordpress. So my new world is . Drop by and I'll see you there. ryan

Thursday, February 08, 2007

she has arrived

The time is here. My wonderful mother-law is here. Yes Helen the great is here. I love this woman even tho I had to be at the airport at 12:40 am to get her. But life goes on. I’m glad she is here and Melissa and spend some time with her mom and the kids with Grandma Helen. And will just enjoy the time will her. Be blessed

Monday, February 05, 2007

My other brother in need

My other brother called the other and left a message just saying “ Ryan its Niall call me”. While Niall is not my real brother but in my mind he is. I meet Niall of spring of 1995, our ship just returned to Japan after six months in the gulf and we had huge influx of new people joining the ship. Our shop had six new bodies, Niall being one of the shorter ones kind of stood out. He was assigned to me to show him around and get him checked in all the departments gets a rack. this lead to friendship that lasted to date,
We don’t live in the state or city anymore. But because of this friend is how I meet Melissa because his wife and the time worked together, I had moved out to Oregon to be his best man in his wedding and he was mine in our wedding. We worked for the same company while I lived in Portland.
While in the Navy Niall had some grand adventures and I mean some adventures, I know most you think I’m some clean cut young man , but the truth be told we had some fun. We would pool our money and pack our backpacks and jump on a train and just get lost for a weekend sleeping trains, benches and beaches we just go until we could go anymore then stand and march forward. But we always started will “you know we stand pack a couple of bottles and a least a carton of smokes for the trip“. Drinking was huge part of what we did. At work we could be the most responsible workers in our shop would work until something fixed or work was done, when we were done we hit the beach hard. It was normal to drink until the bars closed at 5:00am and still show up to work on the weekend for duty. I’m proud of some of things we did but I would trade them for anything.
We got out the Navy at the same time in Dec of 1997 we still hang out after. When I got home it seemed like that drinking was not important to me and was something I did every so often and am same way now. If you open my frig you would find a beer or two in there. I like good beer . Niall on the other hand just could not slow down. While living out west I picked were we left off having fun but slowed down after a couple of months. He just kept running will the ball.
Last year he got his first DUI and that slowed him a bit, then . until he call the other night. He told that they had been skiing on Mt Hood and party all weekend long an stayed to night had to much to drink, and six hours later when drove back to work still blew .20 bac, in most state .008 is the limit so more than 2 times over. Now he is headed back to Utah where his folks live to try start over , get the help he needs and pick up where he left off at.
When we talk its like never left one another but we took two different paths in life. And now he seeing that path he is on need a change of course. We talk about church, the VA for help will this problem any time will talk at least now he is ready to face this problem and for that I’m proud of him but its long road ahead of him. If anyone would pray for him his name is Niall Wade. I know it will help and maybe he can get to know God though the battle and give it to him. thanks Ryan

Thursday, January 18, 2007

well now we know

It's no longer a tied ball game the guys will lead. Yesterday found we are going to have another boy most likely named Elijah blessed

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The other night and I was driving home and the car in in front was driving slower than I wanted it to go, I had had made up my mind that this person must be drunk. As I got closer to the car I noticed that it had out state plates as I passed her to turn at the light I saw that she was an older lady. Well I was way off on that one, she was driving US-12 for the first time it was dark and there are allot deer that run that road. I judged her wrong.
Yesterday at work I had a stop where I dropped off a Frig and stove to a guy was putting it in his rental property, at first glance he had a shaved head long goatee and ear rings sound familiar. We got to talk talking and said he was from that west coast, So we began to talk about that we had both lived in Portland Or. Which lead me to the next question what lead you hear to Michigan? Well you see I am Pastor at a church here in town, didn’t see that one coming which lead into another conversation.
Why do we do judged what we see and hear, instead of the actually seeing who this person or what they are about? I don’t like to be judged for the way I dress or the car I drive. I am just person just like the rest a child of God. Its not my place to judge but I do for that reason I try and try but some times I fail but I know that next time I will try to look will open eyes and an open heart. Those snapshots you take of person are just one side of what you actually see not the whole person.

Matthew 7.1
Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

Matthew 7.2
For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Part I of many

Part I

Well last post of the year. This morning I was standing in the rear getting ready to serve juice for communion, and I was looking over the group seeing where we all sit. The Nevins in their spot, Melissa close by, Ray and Sherri close by too, Don in the front, Lou and crew front and center Sam and Laura would be close to their sport if they where home. Which lead to think we all have a place where sit and place where we stand, but is that enough?
Last week while working I noticed some young men dress in black jackets and slacks with little nametags from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints out doing their thing. I don’t share all there beliefs we do have some in common. Which lead me more thinking I help out on Sunday morning greeting for may-be one hour a week three out of four weekends a month which is may come out to be four hour a month or 48 hours/ six days a year. Just doing my part, now the boys in black if they do that eight hours a day, five days a week comes out to 2080 hours or rounded up to 260 days of giving to the church plus they do it for two year so double that number. Which means I would have to spend 23 years giving one-hour greeting just equal their two years. I’m willing to guess that they just don’t stop when their time is up either too.
How can I give more? Which leads me to these New Year Resolutions

Be a better husband (I know most think Melissa is sooooo lucky to have me but its the other way around) call when I'm going to be late

Be a better father spend more quality time with them, turn off the TV

Everyone favorite lose some weight (for me and my kids)

Learn play the guitar better I may never lead worship butI would like to be able play at a camp fire some day

Invite someone to church twice if I have to

Be a better friend to anyone who needs one

And to love like I am loved
These are just few of the things running through my mind and few you know me, my mind is it own world in its self.
More to come be blessed

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Day

It’s been awhile since my last post so I thought I would tell you all about my day. I made it to work only six minutes late ,good start. Bob one of my drivers was running late, normal, so I started to pull his loads, he showed up just as grumpy as always is in the morning. This past couple of weeks I have been working a lot of hours which means less time at home with Melissa and kids, missing church, then to top it off I was told starting soon I will be working a floating shift, which means one whole weekend off a month which gives me two Sundays a month, now I’m really not a big fan of work. Bonus wife is not a big fan of Lowe’s either.
Being that I have worked a lot I have overtime at big evil and big evil does not like overtime, they are not a fan of OT, so I got to cut out early from work to cut some hours. Head out to Ypsilanti to see my grandma in the care home, she’s not a fan of people visiting for too long. Had to drag my heels to keep her talking, spent about 15 minutes talking and listening to her, one wise lady. Soon after I headed towards Tecumseh to pick up the kids, but first stopped in Milan to see Jay and watched cartoons with him good time, then off to town, saw Tom working in the new office helped hang a blind, its going to be a great place for NewSong and the rest of us, still heading towards getting the kids and saw that Jim and Donna’s garage was open had to stop and say hello to Jim and get a hug, not to many hugs like Jims. At last I made it to pick up my babies and see the most wonderful woman in the whole wide world, my wife and go home and cook a good hot meal. And eat dinner as a family. And that's my day so far. Be blessed because someone is a fan of you!!